What is the Best Home Security System

What do you need from security system?

  • Do you have internet connection at that location?
  • Will the camera stay outdoor or indoor?
  • Do you need to hide camera?
  • What is the acceptable image quality? Smaller cameras have worse image quality.
  • Do you need night vision? Night vision cameras are bigger and more expensive.
  • For how long do you need to keep your recording history?
  • Do you need to watch recordings remotely?
  • Do you want to use computer for recording or can you spend $500+ for a special recording device? Special recording device is easier to setup and operate.
  • Do you need motion detection or are you going to record everything? Recorders with motion detection are more expensive. You may be better off using your computer.

Location, location, location…

It depends a lot on where you live, as to what kind of security ‘issues’ you may have, and even how big those ‘issues’ actually are. In most big cities around the world, crime statistics are usually at their highest.. But that’s not to say more secluded towns and properties don’t have their fair share of problems. Regardless of where you live, generally, crime statistics are on the rise. Even if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere which does not have a serious crime problem. Every day, we are bombarded by the latest reports, about the most recent victims of crime, in the national headline news. Regardless of how these matters affect you directly, it’s something which cannot help but affect us, even if it’s indirectly. Why? Because it’s something we must all consider, and be aware of. Lest we wish to live with our heads in the sand! When it comes to crime statistics, there’s not really that much which needs to be said, or added, the figures themselves say volumes. In most densely populated cities, serious crime has become, virtually, an everyday occurrence. Forcing many people into a situation, where they feel they’ve no option, but to spend large amounts of money on elaborate, state of the art, security alarm systems. In some major cities, keeping out ‘would be’ intruders can amount to a ‘virtual’ electronic warfare. Research has shown, installing an alarm system can reduce the possibility of a property being unlawfully entered, by up to a third. It stands to reason, a ‘would be’ intruder will show preference to a non protected home. Of course, nobody wants anyone to panic, but crime is probably a more frequent occurrence, where you live, than you’re probably aware of. However, regardless of whether it is or not, without being paranoid, most people would feel safer in the knowledge, their home, loved one’s and possessions, have some form of added protection. Other than locked doors and windows. Home security is, most certainly, an efficient way to provide that, and it’s now used in millions of homes, all over the world. There are many providers of home security systems. Home Security Team offers information on the benefits of an ADT home security system.

Classic Video Surveillance

Many people understand the functionality of CCTV – Closed Circuit Television – a now ‘classic’, and previously, widely used form of security, video surveillance.. Certainly, catching the perpetrator of a crime on camera, can be used as evidence in a court of law, and has been used most successfully, to prosecute and jail such offenders. After all, it’s hard to deny you aren’t there when you face is saying ‘watch the birdie’ to the camera! The camera never lies, as they say! Older, classic, versions of CCTV use analogue video cameras, which record directly onto a video recorder. These systems are vulnerable, primarily because, the cable which connects them can be cut, the video footage destroyed, or stolen. More elaborate versions involve several cameras, televisions and VCR’s. However complex, this system will always be connected by cables, therefore vulnerable. Another problem? Image quality on these older analogue cameras is, at best, average. There’s also the added hassle of changing tapes, and storing them.

Video Surveillance Systems – Internet Protocol Based Systems

There’s no doubt about it, video security systems do provide a deterrent, therefore, can provide home owners with a defence. Always better to close the stable door BEFORE the horse has bolted, therefore, a deterrent is always preferable. Understanding the pros and cons, of any ‘surveillance’ home security system is important, before going ahead, and installing any kind of system. Or, indeed, even if you’re thinking of upgrading. Many are heralding the new IP surveillance systems as the ‘future’, with regards to state of the art video surveillance. However, this kind of technology doesn’t come without it’s expense, and they ARE one of the more expensive systems available. For some, this kind of superior, and flexible, technology can be the solution, for others, it could amount to a lot of unnecessary expense. The grand plus, with regards to IP surveillance? You won’t be needing to replace and upgrade for a very long time. Most security developers are basing all their new technology on the IP cameras. So, while older systems will just get older, and therefore, more obsolete, this new technology will improve and become more widespread.

It’s A Revolution

Of course, the internet has opened up a whole new world for everyone, in just about every field you can think of. This revolution, without doubt, now includes security systems, namely, IP security systems. But how do these cameras work? IP cameras do not involve any cables, they work with a wireless or local Ethernet network. Think of them as another computer. Being attached to the same network, it can send images directly to anywhere on the net, or within your computer network. One remote site, where the images can be captured, can act as a central monitoring control for several cameras. Plus, because these recordings are highly compressed, unlike VCR tapes, storage is much more efficient and less space consuming. Images can be sent to a server, and recorded 24/7. Goes without saying, IP cameras are digital, therefore produce a far superior image, in comparison to the old, analogue, CCTV cameras. These systems are highly intelligent, and are very hard to bypass. No cables, no accessible VCR’s, no problem? The drawback? They can be expensive to install.

Know The Alternatives – Web Cameras

So what are the options for those who simply want to improve security, but don’t want to re-mortgage the house, to pay for the installation? Are CCTV and IP cameras the only choices? No, there are other options, and they’re relatively simple, and inexpensive to set up. The fact is, not everyone needs a state of the art system to catch ‘would be’ intruders. There’re many situations, in which someone might feel they need some sort of surveillance system. For those who just need some simple surveillance, to ‘keep an eye on things’ Web Cameras, those attached to, or built into your PC, can be a perfect solution. You’re probably aware already, Web Cameras can send images across the internet, or capture video to send to others. There is monitoring software available, which can make those images accessible from anywhere on the net. There’s also a selection of highly advanced software, although usually expensive, which can give someone a huge amount of control, with regards to what’s captured, and when. With certain programs, even a particular section can be selected, on the feedback image, which can trigger recording, as soon as there’s movement within that selected area. For instance, you could have a Web Camera set up to cover the entrance to a property. When someone walk into that area, bam! They will be captured on video! Equal to IP cameras, the images from a web camera can also be sent to a server. Therefore, tampering with the ‘evidence’ is extremely difficult. These can be great for small offices, commercial premises, and, of course, the home. Excellent for monitoring children and even employees. Whilst you are away, you can ensure that everyone is only doing what they’re supposed to, or going only where they are allowed to. A drawback? These cameras, unlike IP cameras, must be attached to the PC, one way or another. So the PC collecting the information could be open to a security ‘breech’. Another drawback? Only one computer can control the application.

Limitations V Expectations

This is where IP Cameras can be more beneficial, and therefore, the more suitable, and applicable application. Larger companies may need surveillance monitoring in several locations.. Multiple monitoring with IP cameras and just one central control, would, in this instance, almost certainly work out the more efficient, therefore cost affective solution. Unlike Web Camera systems, they do not need to be directly connected to a PC. Captured video and images can be viewed anywhere, at any time, from a remote location, via any PC with access to the internet. With many Web Camera systems, this is not always possible, however, with ugolog.com, it is. Making this system an extremely effective, and flexible solution for many people, or businesses.. Very soon, this system will also be compatible with IP cameras. Making it as flexible, and accessible, as some of the most modern systems available. When you’re opting for any surveillance system, how much flexibility you need, will depend entirely on your expectations and requirements. Surveillance systems are a great way to ensure you’re aware of anything which happens, when and, hopefully, why. Unless you’re absolutely certain, as to what kind of system is suitable and sufficient for your needs, it’s a good idea to take the time to do your research.

Motion Detection & Sound Alarms

IP Cameras can also be used in collaboration with ‘motion detection’ software.. When an IP Camera senses movement, images can be sent as an alert, via SMS and email. They can also be set, via the software, to trigger Sound Alarms and allow you to view captured footage remotely. IP Cameras have much more capacity, in comparison to a Web Camera, including focus and angle adjustment. Both of which can be carried out remotely. In larger areas or buildings, a feature like this might be essential. However, to monitor a child’s room, small office or entrance to a property, this would probably be a more ‘useful’ feature, as opposed to an ‘essential’ one.

A Sign Of The Times

There are many reasons why someone may be concerned, with regards to the security of their home, employees, or children. Which system is adequate, will depend on those concerns.. Today, one thing is unquestionable, we all seem to have much more to be concerned about! You may be quite impressed with what even the most simple Web Camera systems are capable of. Specialist security systems, and the equipment, are best left in the hands of professionals. Specialist systems and professional monitoring services can also provide support, with a whole host of communications and services in place.. For some, this kind of fully comprehensive monitoring service, like those available in large cities, may not be an option. Either because they’re not available, are beyond the budget, or, quite simply, akin to using a sledge hammer to crack a nut! But, as is the sign of the times, many people, more an more, feel that some kind of security, or monitoring system is needed. So what can they do?

This is where Web Cameras come in. They’re an extremely economical solution, and in many cases, they are able to offer people peace of mind, and protection, when and where they need it. Making them a great place to start for many. On the whole, the call for Home Security is on the rise, and as we all know, there are reasons why that’s happening. But it’s not only crime, again, more and more, parent’s are having to leave their children ‘home alone’. Work commitments can leave many parents in a difficult situation. Maybe they have children, who effectively, do not need a child minder, but those parents would certainly feel more comfortable knowing they can ‘keep an eye’ on the kids. Especially when they’re not there! Of course, installing a state of the art IP system is, most likely, not called for. If it is, maybe leaving them alone isn’t an option, full stop! With a simple, but effective, Web Cam monitoring system, you can keep an eye on who’s visiting, or, who’s leaving! With ugolog.com, you can do this extremely economically, and monitor the situation remotely, accessing video and captured images online, they can even be sent to your mobile. With a simple, but highly effective system like this, you can set your worries aside, in many instances. Leaving you able to concentrate on other things! There are, of course, more advanced systems around, and they’ve proved to be invaluable to those who are in need of them. Home security and monitoring systems aren’t just about protecting your possessions, your loved one’s and your home. Although that’s all good! It’s ALWAYS about peace of mind.

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