Webcam Motion Detector Freeware

Absolutely free

The only one absolutely free, open source, no strings attached and functional motion detection software is ZoneMinder. Feature-wise it is comparable to commercial surveillance systems. ZoneMinder motion detection settings are highly customizable. You can also guess that author is a cat-owner :)

ZoneMinder can run on Linux only. Which is a major disadvantage for me. I have no Linux computers at home and I am not sure that I want to start one. If you are a Linux-head – then jump in, but then you probably know about ZoneMinder more then I do :)

For the rest of the world, for the normal Windows and Mac users there is no luck. We need to pay to get a decent motion sensing webcam.

Somewhat free

In the “almost” free category I would put Ugolog and Dorgem.

Dorgem was supposed to become “ZoneMinder for Windows” but never did. Development on the project has stopped few years ago, and even though you can still download it from Sourceforge and setup – I would avoid it. There is no support of any kind. Community is shrinking and you will have a hard time figuring out something if your home security setup does not work.

Ugolog is 100% browser based. And you do not need computer when recording from IP camera. Basic account is free. Offers easy setup, storage for your pictures and time-lapse video history.

Paid software

This market is pretty big. You can find a solution for any possible need. From simple desktop application to full-size media recording service. I recommend you taking look at webcam motion detection list to get full picture.

At any event – try first, as this the easiest webcam motion detector freeware to setup. It will take you 2 min to get started and you will know right away if you need to go commercial route or not.

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