Webcam motion detection resources for Flex and C# developers

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Check out my Motion Detection project written on ASP.NET + Flex

Motion detection theory and algorithms

Evaluating Motion Detection Algorithms: Issues and Results. Interesting: Chapeter 3.1. Pixel Classification

Background separation in details

Motion Detection Algorithms Evaluation

Motion detection in Flex/Flash

Simple sample with no webcam message

Take webcam snapshot in Flex

Flash CS3 motion detection sample

Motion detection classes for Flash

Flash API for motion detection
Flash API for motion detection. Part 3

Webcam in Silverlight 2 by using Flash proxy

Webcam snapshot with Flex

Another Flex Webcam Snapshot Taker

Video recording in Flex/Flash

Recorder that runs on media server

Compare Adobe media server flavors

Alternative media server – Wowza for EC2

Using Red5 server for recording

Motion detection code and components for C#

Everyone Loves Babies! Webcams and Motion Detection by Scott Hanselman

Hough lines and edge detection – expensive toolkit $450-$1500

Open source motion detection library

Motion detection component – $50

Overview Flash and C#

Sample using AForge.NET


Visual Surveillance Laboratory

Capturing Video in Managed Code

Robot SDK
Robot SDK – camera interaction

Talking to IP WebCamera

Webcam in Silverlight 2 by using Flash proxy

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