How to setup AXIS 210 and 211 Network Camera with Ugolog

This article describes how to use AXIS 210/211 and similar AXIS cameras running v4.XX firmware with service.

Benefits of using with AXIS cameras

  1. No computer required
  2. No external hardware required
  3. No network/firewall setup required
  4. 30-days history
  5. Frame-by-frame playback

In this article I use M210 with firmware 4.30.

Setup for camera with Firmware 5.0

This article assumes that you know how to do initial configuration of AXIS camera.

Make sure you have compatible firmware on your camera. Should be v4.XX

Configure as Event Server

Grab your account drop-box URL from settings

Create new Event Server and copy-paste your drop-box URL there

Configure motion-detection event

Setup motion detection sensitivity

Go to motion detection setup window (only works in Internet Explorer) and set sliders on your right to following values

Object Size = 15
History = 90
Sensitivity = 85

Move/dance/jump in front of the camera while looking at the “activity” window in the bottom left. Camera will draw histogram of detection motion in real time. The thin black line in the bottom of the “activity” window is threshold.

Adjust Sensitivity and Object Size sliders till you get reliable motion detection. You want it set on values that humans do trigger motion, but pets and other obstacles (trees, cars, etc.) do not.

I am not sure how exactly History affects motion detection, so I always keep it at 90.

Optional – match image size in camera and in the player


What to do if your camera does not show up in WATCH section.

  1. Re-check steps 3 and 4
  2. Go to camera system log, copy-paste log details and send to

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