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It’s not exactly a secret, women get that ‘intuition thing’, telling them something isn’t right, and they will go ‘all out’ to discover what that ‘something’ is. When it comes to their kids and the man in their life, this is especially true. With a guy, it could be down to the fact they’ve been hurt before (is there anyone who hasn’t?), or it could be, what their boyfriend’s telling them, just isn’t adding up. You only have to go online, or open up a women’s magazine, and the evidence is right there. Letter after letter, post after post, ‘I’m obsessed, I can’t help spying on my boyfriend!”. Generally, these women have discovered unacceptable emails or texts, maybe from a work colleague, or someone their guy met on a chat site. Their guy may have even ‘owned up’ to snooping around on dating sites, or going out with a ‘friend’ they didn’t mention before, wow.. the list is endless. But the bottom line? When a woman thinks her man is doing something he shouldn’t, it can drive her crazy.

Ignorance is Bliss…

You might, or might not! Be surprised at how many women have taken the initiative, and set up a Nanny Cam Boyfriend surveillance system. For many, it beats trying to work out whether he’s telling the truth or not! As they say, “the camera never lies”. However, before I go on, just a quick word in your ear. Are you sure that’s what you want to do? KNOW the truth? Another thing that’s highly notable about all those letters? There’s a LOT of women who have set up these cams, and are no happier than they were before. In fact, some of them have never been so miserable. For example, one woman now spends her evenings watching her man talking to women online, collecting ‘debateable’ photos, and generally having a great time. While she sits upstairs watching the video feed, more stressed than ever, and doing nothing about it. What has actually happened here? Is it worth it? To become obsessed like this, yet not feel any action is necessary, has to be questionable in itself. Regardless of her guy’s actions, is this a healthy way to live? At the end of the day, it’s your call. But thinking things through beforehand IS in your interest.

Going Undercover

So you may be adamant about installing a covert Nanny Cam Boyfriend surveillance system in true espionage style. A spy camera can cost anywhere from a hundred dollars, to over six hundred dollars. But the good news? You can rent a lot of them online. So, it isn’t necessary to spend a lot of money, unless you feel comfortable with that. When it comes to disguise, you’ll be absolutely amazed at just how ‘tricksy’ these devices can be. They can be fitted into iPod stations, alarm clocks, and come disguised as just about anything you will find in most households. The two main things to remember? Go for something that your guy wont use, and make sure it doesn’t look out of place. You don’t want the ‘game’ to be up, before it’s begun! Take a good look at the options available, and think long and hard, before you hand over any cash.

Retrieving Data – Mobile & PC

If your guy is using your computer to do his late night ‘crawling’, or sending mails, think about a ‘computer spy’. These handy little gems look like your everyday memory stick but can secretly record all his activity on your PC. If he’s locked you out of his email account, no problem. With one of these, his world is now YOUR world! You will have a complete history of all the websites he visits, the instant messages he sends and his passwords. Just too easy girls! Another thing that drives women crazy? No text history on his mobile. Does your guy think he’s being smart? Deleting his messages? Get smarter! For around $100 you can get a ‘TextSpy Detective’ which is capable of reading the deleted messages that ‘smarty pants’ thinks he can keep under wraps! This great tool is used by law enforcement agencies all over the world. An absolute must, if you think that’s your man’s game.

Seeing The Truth

Another way to find out what your man’s up to is through his bank & credit card statements. Oh, I know, I’m shocking! You’d be amazed at how many guys have fell victim to a woman’s wrath through his credit card, and not just letting her loose with it! Hotels and restaurants, flowers, gifts and goodies. If you’re not on the receiving end of his generosity, then who is? I was reading how one woman had been ‘locked out’ of her guys credit card, only to resort to opening his statements in that, ‘oh so old fashioned way’. Put down the kettle and get yourself an ‘X-Ray’ Spray Kit! This neat little spray turns paper translucent (not the print!), so you can see what’s inside the envelope without having to open it. A smooth operator…

Heard Enough?

A Nanny Cam Boyfriend surveillance system might help out, IF you can work out what he’s doing through visual information. But there are times when ‘listening’ in will really put you in the picture. Become superwoman and 007 in one, with a ‘Bionic Ear’. There are smaller devices than are great for listening in to the next room, or you can go for a ‘Monster’ amplifying device that can pick up his conversation from three hundred yards away. Time to take over the garden shed ladies! Another, very discreet way to check out his conversations is with a ‘Recorder Pen’. Pop that in his ‘little den’ and he’ll never know! For around $70 you will have more than sixty hours of audio. More than enough time to find out what he’s doing on the ‘midnight shift’! One word here, if you are going to record conversation you will need to check your state laws. Legally, in some states, you need permission from one of the parties being recorded, but video surveillance is legal in all states. If the ifs ands and buts are making your life a misery, do something about it. With so much technology at your fingertips, if you want the truth, and can handle it, it’s yours.

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