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In these days of global economic slowdown, incidences of crime involving the home are on the rise. With jobs becoming scarce, many are resorting to breaking and entering a house to cart off something valuable that could be sold off quickly. In your absence, your home could be the target of intruders or worse, a home invasion. It’s difficult to predict when such an incident may occur, let alone be forewarned, unless you’re watching your property 24/7. This, of course, isn’t generally feasible. You can’t visually supervise your home all day to prevent malicious damage to your property or to detect possible intruders. And when you’re away at work or on vacation, you want the assurance that your premises are safe from any unlawful entry. Most cases of vandalism and attempted break-ins occur when the owners of the home are absent for long periods of time. Although burglars don’t usually plan their break-ins in advance and more often than not will seek an available opportunity to sneak into your home, you won’t be warned of an illegal entry without some form of on site video surveillance.

Many people like to keep guard dogs as a security measure in their home. However, these dogs are often subject to serious injury during a robbery. Most pets don’t survive a confrontation with criminals as burglars will try to silence a barking dog as soon as possible. Your pet may be poisoned with tainted meat thrown over the fence or it may die from wounds inflicted by a weapon. In any event, a pet will not be able to provide your family with any measure of adequate security in the face of serious crime.

You might therefore want to consider installing a camera in your home to ensure you’re apprised of any untoward incident involving your property as soon as possible. You could supervise your home from the comfort of your armchair or even your cell phone. If you have young children at home who are left in the care of a nanny, you can secretly observe how your nanny behaves with your child when you’re not around. You can even spy on the household staff if you have valuable accessories and ornaments that might be a temptation for slick hands. Visitors to your property can be similarly monitored as can the care givers for your aged parents. You’ll be faced with a number of choices when you opt for a surveillance system that allows you to view your home and surroundings in real time.

Difference between spy cam, nanny cam and home security camera

You’ve doubtless heard of the spy camera. This type of camera is normally used for security and protection. They can be small enough to be wearable or hidden in an electric fitting in a room such as a pinhole camera which is most commonly located in a ceiling aperture for the overhead lights. Normally a spy camera is undetectable to the casual eye as it blends into the background.

A nanny cam is useful for you to view the antics of your child’s nanny when you’re at work. It’s usually installed by parents who want to make sure that cases of neglect or abuse of their child can be quickly caught, particularly with a new nanny they haven’t had time to trust. These cameras are generally set up in areas where the nanny will most often be with the child – in the nursery, the living room, the bedroom and kitchen. Sometimes a nanny cam is hidden as the eye of a teddy bear, thereby making it highly mobile. As they’re inconspicuous, nanny cams are ideal for supervising the hired help.

A home security camera is one that assists you to monitor your premises round the clock and watch over your assets when you’re not home. With strategically placed video cameras around the perimeter of your home and indoors, you’ll be able to view the goings on in and around your home throughout the day. You can see if your possessions are being stolen by the hired help and you can check on the efficiency of the cleaning lady. It’s ideal for watching the care giver attending to your physically challenged dependants or immobile parents. If you ever have the misfortune of someone making a claim against you for an accident they have on your property, you may end up having to make a public liability insurance claim, a camera can help show exactly what happened should it ever go that far. Since the cameras are generally located in critical areas within the house, there aren’t many things that can go unnoticed to the diligent observer.

These three forms of camera are the same in that they are each used for visual observation of your property, most often in real time. This is possible with the wireless technology that’s incorporated into modern camera surveillance equipment. If they’re connected to a network that’s linked to the Internet, you can view the scenes no matter where you are. You can also record the video stream for future reference. The primary function of all three types of camera is for the protection and the security of what’s important to you. And you can see the scenes unfold on your PC or TV as the events are broadcast through the hours.

The online use of a spy camera, nanny camera and home video camera can be done with an Internet connection and wireless technology that links and transmits the view taken by the camera direct to your PC via the Internet. This gives you a real time window into your home no matter where you are. The method of using the Internet directly for recording the camera view is novel at this stage. Yet this is an affordable and cost effective method for households that want to have the assurance of added security for their home but cannot afford to invest heavily in the ancillary equipment necessary for conventional home video security systems.

What is involved in setting up your own spy camera or nanny cam

In order for you to set up your own spy camera or nanny cam, you’ll first need to have the requisite hardware. You have to shop around for the right spy camera in the correct colour so that it’ll blend with your surroundings. You have to wade through a huge variety of cameras in the market, each one touting itself as the most ideal, from wireless pinhole cameras you can embed in cell phones and cigarette boxes to security cameras that have to be mounted on a base. If you want to view the recording of the scenes from your camera, then you must invest in a video cassette recorder or VCR or a DVR. You also must buy sufficient video tapes or discs to have a historical record of the scenes viewed. If the tapes are erased and reused, then this could affect the quality of future recordings. Discs are sensitive to heat and careless handling. They are easily damaged if not stored properly. You’re likely to lose important data if you mishandle your equipment and recordings. Thus you would not have reliable evidence of any inappropriate actions perpetrated by anyone in your household. You would also not be able to gather information about the activities of your teenage children or pets left unattended at home.

What is involved in building your own spy camera or nanny cam

You’ll need specialised software when you want to build your own spy camera or nanny cam. The hardware involved is quite specific, such as a small camera or several cameras with the requisite electrical connections to a VCR or DVR. If you’re not an electrician or well versed with electrical wiring, you’ll have to engage the services of a qualified technician to assist you to build your own spy or nanny camera network. You must have a TV to view the recordings. These can only be done after the event if you don’t have a way to monitor online from a remote location. And you have to have sufficient storage area for your tapes and discs. Your investment does not end there because you have to replenish the stock of tapes and discs regularly as well as take proper care of them if you want a continuous record of the events broadcast by the camera. Should you decide on the services of an outside security company and purchase a whole home security surveillance system off the shelf, then you’d likely be spending at least a few thousand dollars. When your budget is tight, you might not want to expend too much in cash for home security.

What are the challenges of remote monitoring

Remote monitoring pre-supposes that you have installed a home security system that permits a third party to observe your house real time from security centre. Yours won’t be the only home that’s being monitored with many cameras. There are possibly dozens of houses that are being similarly watched by the security company. You’ll be paying a hefty sum for someone to keep an eye out for vandals, especially if you’ve got several cameras located in various spots on your property. Your privacy is also invaded as the goings on in your home is being viewed by outside parties even when you’re in. Additionally, your budget might be unduly strained. You might also feel that you’re violating someone else’s privacy if you’re spying on your nanny or care giver.

How online video monitoring like ugolog.com could help with setting up camera

Your cheapest option would be to use your existing webcam as a device to be converted into a home security camera that’s linked to your laptop or your cell phone. You can even rope your webcam in as a spy camera. The methodology of cheaply installing your own site surveillance system is provided by online video monitoring websites like http://www.ugolog.com. You’ll be able to set up your home security camera very quickly by signing up as a member on the site and following some simple instructions about connecting your webcam to the site. To take full benefit of this amazing facility, you don’t require any dedicated software or even downloadable freeware. You merely need to purchase a webcam which you link to your laptop or PC. You can then begin recording your intended spots in your home by merely logging into the site. Of course, it goes without saying that you should have fairly regular and reliable internet connection that permits you access to the site to record your video history. With this set up in place, you’ll be able to view your home securely from any location, whether in your office via your laptop or via your cell phone screen when you’re on the move. You’ll be happy to learn that there isn’t any particular hardware that you’ll require to purchase to get your system up and running. So you won’t have to cross words with technical or sales persons in the home security business who tries to impress upon you the dire need for expensive, tailor made closed circuit television cameras that use wireless technology for visual observation by a central security centre. You can now effectively convert your webcam into a home monitoring system with the online video surveillance ability.

You need peace of mind regarding the safety of your loved ones and your property, in which you’ve invested heavily. You can’t afford to make any compromises on security issues where either your family or your assets are concerned. With a home monitoring camera that allows you to observe your home online from anywhere, you can see if your toddler is being properly administered by the nanny. You’ll be alerted immediately should there be any sort of inappropriate behaviour by child care staff. Your aged parents left alone with caregivers can also be monitored regularly and you can promptly catch out any employee who treats your loved ones with disrespect. What’s more, the video history can be extracted and used as evidence of wrong doing in the event of any felony or crime having been committed in your premises. An added boon of this easily installed home surveillance system by webcam is that you can leave your baby unattended in the nursery whilst you’re cooking in the kitchen. Your cell phone screen will show you every movement your child makes so you can continue with your tasks without worry. You’ll be well advised to turn your webcam into a home monitoring system with online video surveillance!

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