Advanced settings for Cameras with FTP upload

I noticed that some cameras upload very slowly via FTP. My Panasonic BL-C30 uploads only 1-2 images per minute, even though it captures snapshots every second. This creates a problem with timeline view. Snapshots date can go off by hours. Images captured at 2pm, show up like images at 3pm or even 4pm.

There is a workaround. You can configure some cameras to include date-time into file name that gets uploaded. I added new advanced setting to help you extract this information.

This setting is intended for power users. If you need help – shoot me email or submit feedback request.

Setup steps

1) Click on Cameras on the left side bar
2) Select the camera you wish the modify by clicking the link above the image
3) Select the “Actions” pull down and Choose “Camera Settings..”
4) Click on the “show” link for Advanced Settings.

Now configure pattern to extract date-time part from file name and rules on how to convert extracted information into Hours/Minutes/Seconds.

Setup for Panasonic BL-C30

Lets say you configured Panasonic BL-C30 to upload FTP image with “ftp1_” prefix and you marked “Add filename” check box. Then your Date-Time extract settings should look like this.

Match Expression

Date/Time Format

Panasonic BL-C30 Configuration screenshot

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