How to setup Panasonic BL-C30 wireless camera

This article assumes that you finished basic wireless setup for Panasonic BL-C30. Follow user guide and online tutorials like this one to complete wireless setup.

Based on Firmware Version 1.30

Quick steps

  1. On the bottom of the camera turn switch to “wired”
  2. Connect network cable
  3. Click on “FACTORY DEFAULTS RESET” button with the pin
  4. Wait about 1 min
  5. Camera indicator must stop blinking and go solid green
  6. Open web browser and go to or
  7. Set Username/Password
  8. Go to Setup/Trigger and start creating new motion detection trigger
  9. When you are asked for FTP upload server, username and password, then
  10. Login to your account
  11. Go to SETTINGS, grab FTP upload credentials (, your email, and password)
  12. To get better date/time detection for uploaded frames – open camera window, click Actions\Camera Settings
  13. Click “show advanced settings” and select appropriate date/time extract format

Steps with screenshots

Go to control panel – or

Configure motion detection sensitivity

Configure motion detection trigger

Trigger Setting

Motion Detection Setting – Scheduling

Lens Position

Image Setting

Image Buffer Frequency

Transfer Method


Email Notification


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