What is the best nanny cam

Think about following questions first

  • Do you need to hide camera?
  • What is your budget?
  • What is the acceptable image quality? Really small cameras have horrible image quality.
  • Do you need night vision? Night vision cameras are bigger and do not hide well.
  • Are you going to watch it “live” or do you need recording capabilities?
  • Do you want to watch it on TV or on your computer? Do you want to watch from remote location (like from the office)? Then you must use computer.
  • Do you want to use computer for recording or can you spend $300..$500 for a special recording device? Special recording device is easier to setup and hide in the house.
  • Do you need motion detection or are you going to record everything? Recorders with motion detection are more expensive. You may be better off using your computer.

What nanny cam to buy and where

I would start with trying to use your computer and existing webcam first. Create account at Ugolog.com, use it for one evening, and see if it works out. If you are a non-technical person – check out a guide how to setup Ugolog.com for absolute beginners

If ugolog.com does not work out – consider buying basic all-in-one solution like this Plug and play solution for $250

If “all-in-one” kits are too simple for you, then you need to raise your budget and go with what’s called home security monitoring systems. I would buy from popular site like Security kits or DynaSpy

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