Ugolog Affiliate Program


We pay 25% commission on all sales generated by your customers for as long as customer is active. We can create custom plans tailored to your needs and for custom plans you can pick markup yourself. Commissions are paid out monthly.

You do not have to sign anything to start. We would need your tax info before first payout.


We give you promotional code (coupon) and special Sign Up URL for your customers. Your coupon gives customers +1 month of history (3months instead of standard 2months), so your customers will benefit too.

Custom signup link creates a browser cookie, so even if customer does not signup, closes the browser and comes back to Ugolog several days later – we will remember that this is “your” customer.

Your customers get “linked” to you when
- They entered your coupon during signup (using link above or automatically via browser cookie)
- They entered your coupon in settings after signup

Ready to start or have a question?

Email us at

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